A thirteenth-century sermon cycle in Oxford, Bodleian MS 471, part II

by Mary E. Eckhart

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  • Sermons, English (Middle).
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  () The first two codices, are contemporaneous and were produced at Durham at the end of the twelfth century; the third codex, , is of later Durham production, possibly as late as the mid-thirteenth century. and 12 measure x centimeters, while measures x centimeters. ().   The vignettes feature the Rolle Psalter commentary in Oxford Bodleian Library MS Bodley , contrary assessments of the orthodoxy of Dives and Pauper, and Oriel College’s commissioning of Wyclif’s De civili dominio and De blasfemia . Two of the A manuscripts are the basis of the second and most recent modern edition of SEL, 43 which is the basis of the Martyrdom of St. George in this volume (II[a]), while we have used another A manuscript, Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Ashm for some others (Martyrdom of St. Andrew, I[a]; Lives of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica, V.   The program for the EBS Conference on July in St. Andrews has now been published; two (fascinating!) sessions will be devoted to Wycliffism.. Wycliffites and Their Texts I (Chair: Daniel Wakelin, University of Oxford) “Richard Rolle, the Lollards and Marginal Glosses in the Psalms of MS Longleat 3, a Wycliffite Bible in the Early Version, “Michael P. Kuczynski, Tulane University.

NEW TESTAMENT MANUSCRIPTS AND THEIR LAY OWNERS IN VERONA IN THE THIRTEENTH CENTURY. For Leonard Boyle* Beginning in the latter part of the twelfth century and continuing throughout the thirteenth, a previously rare biblical edition, that of the entire New Testament — as opposed to the more common editions of complete Bibles or of Lectionaries or volumes with selections of individual parts . Alcobaça ; Oxford, Bodleian (e Musaeo 3)]. Wallach, (L.): Berthold of Zweifalten's Chronicle: Reconstructed and Edited with an Introduction and Notes. Pp. Jan 4, - William de Brailes (active in Oxford –) was an English Early Gothic manuscript illuminator who was extremely gifted at turning Bible Stories into paint. Walters manuscript W is an exquisite volume comprising twenty-four leaves of Psalters Bible Pictures by W. de Brailes. Seven leaves from the same set of images are now in the Musee Marmottan in Paris as a part of 98 29 pins. Full text of "An Old English miscellany: containing a bestiary, Kentish sermons, Proverbs of Alfred, religious poems of the thirteenth century, from manuscripts in the British museum, Bodleian library, Jesus college library, etc." See other formats.

Laud Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud misc. Thirteenth-century Dominican sermons (see O’Carroll ). Not listed in LSC. Lawerne Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley Notebook of John Lawerne, OSB (material of the s), with some sermons. Not listed in . Oxford, Bodleian Library Ms. Canonici Greaci ”) is a Tutor in Theology and Religion and a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Byzantine iconography, University of Oxford. A Late Fifteenth-Century Dominical Sermon Cycle edited from Bodleian Library MS E Musaeo and Other Manuscripts, ed. Stephen Morrison, The Early English Text Society, O.S. , 2 Vols. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, ). F.L. Albert, Die Geschichte der Predigt in Deutschland bis Luther I-III (Gütersloh, ). KRISTELLER P. O., Latin Manuscript Books before A Bibliography of the Printed Catalogues of Extant Collections: TR 6 () , TR 9 () (Part II) KUCZYNSKI M. P., A New Manuscript of Nicholas of Lynn's Kalendarium: MS Chapel Hill fols. TR 43 ()

A thirteenth-century sermon cycle in Oxford, Bodleian MS 471, part II by Mary E. Eckhart Download PDF EPUB FB2

A thirteenth-century sermon cycle in Oxford, Bodleian MSpart II by Mary E Eckhart () Maurice de Sully (XII siècle): un grand évêque d'Occident by Marie-Madeleine Martin (Book). The thirteenth century was a crucial period of reform in the English church, during which the church's renewal initiatives transformed the laity.

The vibrant lay religious culture of late-medieval England cannot be understood without considering the re-invigorated Author: William H. Campbell. A thirteenth-century preacher's handbook: Mary Shelley's fair copy book: Bodleian MS.

Shelley adds. 9, though it cannot be the original. Parts I and II of this Middle-English text are republished here Bodleian MS 471 one volume, accompanied with glosses though without introduction. The Bodleian library. On this manuscript see Anne Hudson and Pamela Gradon (eds), English Wycliffite Sermons, Oxford English Texts, 5 vols (Oxford, –), 1.

87–8; Anne Hudson, ‘The Expurgation of a Lollard Sermon-Cycle’, The Journal of Theological Studies, 22 (), –65; and Anne Hudson, ‘Observations on a Northener’s Vocabulary’, in E.

G Author: Ian Cornelius. Oxford, Balliol College MS Bodley 4: thirteenth-century sermons, 39,Oxford, Balliol College MS Bodley sermon notes and sermons by Gorran, 2, Oxford, Balliol College MS Bodley theological works including a Latin Festial, 62Cited by: I and II) from the same English manuscript, evidently a collection of sermons containing material identified in Schneyer’s listing in Repertorium, vol.

7, pp. of the de tempore cycle of the Collectio generalis Fratrum Minorum in Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clmfols rv, a widely circulated set of Franciscan sermons.

Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodl. is a collection of homilies and other texts, most by Ælfric, but some by Wulfstan, written in the second half of the twelfth century.

47 It contains many late medieval ‘notae’ throughout that are difficult to date, but suggest that the text was read. Apart from the marks of ‘nota’ the manuscript. Covering it is a bifolium from a thirteenth-century French crusading romance, La Chanson de Jérusalem (Fig.

3); another bifolium from the same quire is in Bodleian Library, MS Doucewhere the note ‘Anno H [i.e. ] Accompts of Staffordshire’ shows that it part II book the same function as a wrapper. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley is one of the most famous and most sumptuous illuminated manuscripts of the entire Middle Ages.

Completed in in Tournai, in what is now Belgium, the manuscript preserves the fullest version of the interpolated Old French Roman d'Alexandre (Romance of Alexander the Great), and some of the most vivid illustrations of any medieval romance, ranking.

‘ The Musical Contexts of Le Tournoi de Chauvency in Oxford, Bodleian MS Douce ’. In Lettres, musique et société en Lorraine médiévale: Autour du Tournoi de Chauvency (Ms. Oxford Bodleian Douce ), ed.

Chazan, Mireille and Regalado, Nancy Freeman. Geneva: Droz, – A thirteenth-century preacher's handbook: though it cannot be the original. Parts I and II of this Middle-English text are republished here as one volume, accompanied with glosses though without introduction.

Posthumous poems of Shelley; Mary Shelley's fair copy book: Bodleian MS. Shelley adds. 9, collated with the. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Translated by J. Smith from Ross’s edition, in The Complete Works of Aristotle, ed.

Barnes, q.v. Also On the Soul [De anima], Parva naturalia, On Breath. Translated by W. Hett from the edition of Biehl (). Loeb Classical Library. Full text of "An Old English miscellany containing a bestiary, Kentish sermons, Proverbs of Alfred, religious poems of the thirteenth century, from manuscripts in the British museum, Bodleian library, Jesus college library, etc" See other formats.

Oxford, Jesus Coll part II. Index number: # (1, 9, –, ). Files: Date: C13b2 (Ker ix, xvi). Text: Two manuscripts have been bound together to form one. The first is C15, paper and vellum, containing a. Horstmann sought Rolle by working outward from the ascriptions in a selected range of northern codices: Cambridge University Library MS Dd.v (and the non-Yorkshire Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson A), British Library, MSS Arundel (a Durham book of the s) and Harleyand parts of Lincoln Cathedral MS But Horstmann erred on.

An Old English miscellany containing a bestiary, Kentish sermons, Proverbs of Alfred, religious poems of the thirteenth century, from manuscripts in the British museum, Bodleian.

Systematic collections, or sermon cycles, contain one or several sermons for each of the occasions that follow the Church's liturgy in a regular order. 1 Thus, a de tempore cycle offers sermons for the Sundays of the year from the first Sunday of Advent to the last (normally the twenty-fifth) Sunday after Trinity.

On fol. 35v, which looks like an original outside cover of the book, the name "John" appears many times amid doodles and verse jottings unrelated to the contents of MS Douce A much later owner was late eighteenth-century bibliophile Richard Farmer, master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, whose handwritten sheet catalogue was bound with the.

According to Macray's Annals of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, A. A.D. the Bodleian bought the Codex in from booksellers Payne and Foss.

McCray also mentions that Schoenleben's pamphlet was incorporated by De Murr in his Memorabilia Bibliothecarum publicarum Norimbergensium published inpart ii., p. Marleen Cré and Raphaela Rohrhofer provide ‘An Introduction to Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Don.e’ (JEBS 20[] –).

This is a recently rediscovered manuscript containing, among other Middle English texts, a previously unknown copy of The Chastising of God’s Children. 54 Murray, A., ‘ Confession as a historical source in the thirteenth century ’, in Davis, R.

and Wallace-Hadrill, J. (eds), The writing of history in the Middle Ages: essays presented to Richard William Southern, Oxford–10; Gieben, S., ‘ Robert Grosseteste on preaching with the edition of the sermon “Ex rerum. Wyclif and his followers: An Exhibition to mark the th anniversary of the death of John Wyclif, December to AprilBodleian Library Oxford, (Oxford: Bodleian Library, ).

Xiberta, Bartolomé Maria, ‘De institutes Ordinis Carmelitarum quae ad doctrinas philosophorum et theologorum sequendas pertinent’, Analecta Ordinis. The late thirteenth-century manuscript, Oxford, Bodleian Library Di contains a personal anthology of nearly texts in French, English and Latin, including secular literature, devotional material, and texts with practical applications, ranging from medical care for.

CHRONIQUE. mas. (10) Still closer in conception to n.a. in content, if not in format, is the in The Hague (76 F 5), perhaps a prefatory cycle from a psalter, but more likely from an picture book, made for, if not at, the Benedictine Abbey of St.-Bertin ca.

in which 35 Old Testament and 57 New Testament scenes are combined on 46 illuminated folios with 70 episodes from the lives. [New York, Kraus Reprint Co., ]). Part II: "A Disputation between and Christian and a Jew," pp. (Discussion of the Corpus Christi sermon in the manuscript time permitting) Secondary: Miri Rubin, Gentile Tales, The Narrative Assault on Late-Medieval Jews (Yale.

A blank in the Bodleian ms. was supplied in by Thomas Hearne from another Oxford ms. Tischendorf’s text is from a recension of three Paris mss., each of the eleventh century.

III. Acts of Barnabas.—This book has more an air of truth about it than any of the others. There is not much extravagance in the details, and the geography is. "Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini": a thirteenth- century sermon for Advent and the macaronic style in England, Medieval Studies [Franzen] Franzen, C.

The Tremulous Hand of Worcester: a study of Old English in the thirteenth century. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Junius 1. In Stanley, E.G. discrete lists for each Biblical book. The Saint Victor list has chapter divisions for II Chron - icles otherwise unrecorded in the corpus of manuscripts with modern chapter divisions, but which are present as part of the older «pre-Langton» chaptering of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Kennicott Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University publishes the TEAMS Middle English Texts series, which is designed to make available texts that occupy an important place in the literary and cultural canon but have not been readily obtainable in student editions.

series introduction The focus of Middle English Texts is on Middle English literature adjacent to such major authors. A collection of pieces primarily in verse, although some prose items may be included. The poems do not have any clear sermon context. This category comprises such famous manuscripts as Bodleian Library, MS.

Digby 86; Oxford, Jesus College MS. 29; British Library, MS. Cotton Caligula ; MS. The Middle English texts included are the Hymns of Saint Godric, The Ormulum, two items from Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.

32l Hali Meihad, Ancrene Wisse, lyrics from Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Di The Bestiary from Arundel MStwo items from Oxford, Jesus College MS 29, two from London, British Library, MS Cotton Caligula A.Submit a book or article; Upload a bibliography; Personal pages we track; Archives we track; Information for publishers; More.

Introduction; Discussion forums; Submitting to PhilPapers; Frequently Asked Questions; Subscriptions; Editor's Guide; The Categorization Project; For Publishers; For Archive Admins.The Rosenbach, Free Library of Philadelphia, MS / Italy, 13th century.

This manuscript is an Italian thirteenth-century copy of Bernard of Clairvaux's Sermones Super Cantica Canticorum (Sermons on the Song of Songs). Topics: Collection of Sermons, 13th century, Italian.